1. Refunds requested after registering will be subject to an administration fee:

• Age Group U5-U9: $25

• Age Groups U11-U17: $35.00 (before assessments) or $70 (after assessments – whether or not the player attended assessments)

• Age Group U19: $50

2. Eastside kit fee is non-refundable. Players withdrawing as a result of injury (which must be supported by a doctor’s note) shall receive a refund of their registration fee pro-rated for the balance of the season that they were not able to play, without any deduction for an administration fee.

3. During the first half of the season (Indoor: until December 31; Outdoor: until May 31), the refund will be 50% of balance remaining after administration fee and kit fee. During the second half of season, no refunds will be issued.

4. There is no refund of any team fees (tournament fees, etc.) unless the rest of the team agrees to reimburse you for team fees you have paid. Contact your team manager to arrange refund of team fees.

5. No refund shall be given where the amount of the refund is less than $20.